DWTS, Kendra Wilkinson


Stripper poles may not be right for a Viennese waltz, but what about a tango? We say yes!

But is Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett up for showing off her dance moves on one? After all, she did release her own "sports pole" a couple of years ago...

"They're kind of playing me as a sex icon, kind of the sexy one that's the booty shaker," Kendra told me this afternoon in what we hope will be the first of many exclusively weekly chats we'll be having with the E! reality star. "It's funny and everything, but my true fans and my people know that I'm a real tomboy. I don't wear makeup and I don't wear heels and all that stuff."

Kendra is taking DWTS so seriously that she actually felt sick this morning after making her dancing debut on last night's season premiere. She spent a large chunk of today in bed.

"I didn't even drink last night, but I feel hungover," Kendra said. "For anyone who is a real competitor, you wake up the next morning and you're either mourning or you're celebrating. Right now, I'm in between those."

Is she hurting? Sorta. "My brain is in pain," Kendra laughed. "I'm really really wanting to do this. I'm really in this to win it. People looked at me and thought I was going to do better. I did the best I can."

And it's becoming quite the family affair. "Every day after practice, I come home and say to Hank, 'Act like you're Louis [van Amstel] because I really want to keep practicing at home," Kendra said. "And of course, every time I walk in the door, baby Hank runs to me and goes, 'Mama!' And I pick him up and dance with him and he laughs. He loves it."

VIDEO: Watch Kendra's DWTS debut

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