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That Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark hiatus can't come soon enough.

The role of Arachne needs to be refilled yet again after the actress who stepped into the role after Natalie Mendoza left the production was sidelined for two weeks after being injured during a recent preview performance.

"T.V. Carpio sustained an injury on Wednesday, March 16, during an onstage battle scene with a fellow actor," production spokesman Rick Miramontez said Tuesday. "On doctor's orders, she will be out of the show for the next two weeks. America Olivo will be performing the role of ‘Arachne' during this time."

Someone remind the Spider-Man team that Arachne may have eight appendages but she doesn't have nine lives.

Mendoza suffered a concussion Nov. 28 when she was beaned offstage by a heavy piece of rope that came loose. She ultimately decided to leave the show a month later.

Carpio's injury, which was not specified, is merely the latest bit of bad luck to befall the seemingly cursed production— which, incidentally, has been playing to a packed house no doubt made up at least in part of people who can't wait to see what will go wrong next.

The accident occurred, according to the New York Times, during a fight scene between Arachne and Peter Parker in the musical's second act. A source told the paper that Carpio appeared to have suffered some sort of neck injury.

The latest casting shake-up, whether it's temporary or not, comes a couple weeks after Julie Taymor was replaced as director by Philip William McKinley and producers announced that preview performances will be suspended from April 19 to May 11 to allow the cast to rehearse after various creative changes are implemented.

Opening night, which literally has been years in the making, is now set for June 14.

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