Chris Brown, GMA

Courtesy: Trevor Pascoe; ABC/Ida Mae Astute

Whatever rage Chris Brown was feeling when he ripped off his shirt and trashed his dressing room before leaving the ABC studios this morning, he appeared to have fogotten all about it by this afternoon.

And apparently, so did his fans.

Despite his meltdown this morning following his Good Morning America grilling on Rihanna, hordes of female devotees were waiting for him outside the Trump SoHo Hotel afterwards...

"There were so many girls waiting for him even after the whole ABC explosion," an eyewitness tells me. "Everyone seemed really excited to see him."

His team was also acting like business as usual outside of the hotel. "They were cheerful and smiling as if nothing happened this morning," the source says.

Brown, who arrived in his silver Maybach, took some time to talk to fans waiting outside for about 10 minutes before he headed off to a nearby art gallery.

The visit to Opera gallery was unplanned, but an employee says Brown's a frequent visitor and has a business connection to the particular place: his F.A.M.E. album cover artwork was done by Ron English, who had some pieces on display in the SoHo gallery.

Chris was "really happy and in a great mood" as he checked out the latest collection with his brother and some friends, per the employee.

And he's not going to let a little tantrum get between himself and a good time: Brown's album release party is still on for tonight at Webster Hall.

Better batten down the hatches!

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