Chris Brown, Robin Roberts, GMA

ABC/Ida Mae Astute

Before Chris Brown shockingly destroyed his dressing room window today at ABC's Good Morning America, host Robin Roberts had just asked him about continued legal fallout from his assault on former girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown, slouched and sullen, replied that the brutal attack was "not a big deal" and the "stuff happened two years ago."

Message: Let's not make anything of it. Buy my album, instead.

Despite Roberts' impressive decision not to go easy on the felon, does ABC ultimately agree with Brown?

Quite possibly.

Sources at ABC told me immediately after Brown destroyed his dressing room (which, by the way, "nobody saw him" do—but he was the only one in the dressing room), there was no rush to call the police, press charges or even consider cancelling Brown's upcoming Dancing With the Stars planned appearance.

"ABC is very much a family," said the corporate source, "[Brown] is supposed to perform next week on Dancing With the Stars, and [ABC] doesn't want to disturb that."


Shattered glass on New York sidewalks, where somebody easily could have been killed, and ABC doesn't want hurt its upcoming talent lineup?

Officially, ABC has not commented, as yet.

But my ABC source continued: "There's so much that falls under the ABC umbrella," explained the network insider, who also said a Nightline report was being considered on the Brown incident, but that it would most likely be "not that critical."

The ABC vet also said that it was "highly doubtful" the network would be taking criminal action against Brown.

Too bad. If that was an ABC janitor who suddenly decided to go so dangerously kooky, you'd better believe there would have been charges. And while journalists like Roberts want to press and really get to the legal matter of Brown's dangerous past (and current) activities, the head office seems eager to move on.

Just like Chris wants!

Or so it would seem right now. Apparently corporate families must be held together, even in the face of the law.

But once ABC witnesses the outcry from the public today over this incident (which very much shows how abuser Brown hasn't recovered in the least), perhaps its initial reactions will change?

Let's hope.

Because we hear it ain't too likely Charlie Sheen's gonna be asked back to CBS, despite rumors the net was changing its mind. It all brings up the question: What is a network to do when its talent (guest or on staff) publicly loses it?

(Originally published March 22, 2011, at 4:48 p.m. PT)

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