Demi Lovato

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Memo to Chris Brown: See? This is how you get back to work.

Just two weeks after posting a video message to fans thanking them for their support and relaying how excited she was to get back to the daily grind, Demi Lovato has done just that.

"First day back to working," she tweeted this morning. "I can't wait to share with you guys what I'm doing today."

Well, maybe she can wait a little bit longer.

Neither Demi nor her reps will comment on today's gig, or the requisite speculation that she is returning to work on her Disney hit Sonny With a Chance. But luckily for the curious among us, Disney's reps aren't so shy.

Despite speculation (fueled by a timely trip to Disneyland earlier this week), reps for the Mouse House say Lovato hasn't yet returned to her series.

"Demi's management will inform us when she is ready to return to work," a rep for the channel told E! News. "As you know, last November, we announced that we would focus on our So Random sketch comedy show (the show within Sonny With a Chance) to keep the staff, cast and crew employed. We began production in January and will debut those episodes this spring."

So no, she is not back to work on the series.

Which means that Lovato, who has been keeping a low profile since leaving rehab in January, is moving on to bigger and better (and possibly more mature) things, having teased as much in her last video, telling fans, "I can't wait to tell you guys what the future holds."

Whether that has anything to do with persistent rumors of a duet with Timbaland (he penned a song just for her earlier this year) will also have to remain to be seen.

She continued to play it coy this morning, but whatever it is she's doing, it's big enough to warrant no less than four exclamation marks (so, obviously, pretty massive).

"It's a big day for me," she tweeted. "So excited! I love you all!!!"

Back at ya, Demi. Though we'd love you even more if you told us what you were up to.

—Reporting by Ashley Fultz

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