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Chris Brown's morning-show meltdown isn't doing his reputation any favors. But could it possibly impact his freedom? Or his comeback efforts?

Brown is, after all, still on probation for his attack on Rihanna. How would his trashing of the Good Morning America dressing room affect that? And ABC has been hyping his appearance on next week's Dancing With the Stars—has he now been uninvited after his outburst?

We did some digging and here's what we learned.

Chris Brown, GMA

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First off, the facts: Brown didn't take to kindly to being peppered with questions about his assault on Rihanna. After he wrapped his interview with Robin Roberts, he stormed back to his dressing room and smashed a window, raining glass over 43rd Street near Times Square.

Sources told E! News that plainclothes detectives did visit the scene after seeing reports on the broken glass in the media. However, the official line from the NYPD is that officers were not called, no police report has been filed and no charges are forthcoming.

If ABC does want to press charges (such as vandalism and possibly assault for sending broken glass onto a sidewalk) and he's rung up, he could be found in violation and face jail.

But right now, an NYPD source tells us that ABC has no plans to file a complaint. And that should make Brown happy.

"If NYPD did not respond then there is likely no basis for the California probation department to take any action," criminal defense attorney Alec Rose tells E! News. "If no court or no police are involved then the property damage would be a private matter between himself and ABC."

No word yet on if Brown has been asked (or volunteered) to pay for the damage. His rep initially indicated she would be releasing a statement on the incident but has since told E! News that no comment is forthcoming. He is still set to appear tonight at Webster Hall for his album release party.

Workers were quickly called in to repair the window after Brown's meltdown.

As for the DWTS fallout?

Brown had been scheduled to record a song for ABC's website after the interview this morning and was also supposed to return to the network March 29 and sing two tunes on the hit reality competition.

After this morning's incident, the DWTS message board lit up with fans beseeching network execs to pull the plug on him.

"Please do not allow him to perform on DWTS, I will not be watching going forward if you do this," reads one post.

"You cannot allow this man an audience on DWTS!!!!!" states another.

As of now, though, set your DVRs: Brown remains on the schedule.

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