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We'll ask you one more time: Are you ready for some football?

Round two of our Athlebrity Madness tournament is here, and the biggest stars in football are clashing on the gridiron. Last week we asked you to vote for your favorite pigskin player who seamlessly blends the worlds of athleticism and celebrity—becoming that pop-culture icon known of the Athlebrity.

Check out the results!

The first round had it all: tight matchups and a few eyebrow-raising upsets.

Superstar Tom Brady did away with Adrian Peterson, but it wasn't a walk in the part for the Super Bowl winner. He bested his competition with only 55 percent of the vote. Definitely not a blowout for one of the top QB's. Even Hank Baskett had a hard time breaking away. In the end, he sent Mark Sanchez packing after pulling in 54 percent.

On the underdog front, Aaron Rodgers pulled an upset, ending Ben Roethlisberger's season after he received 70 percent. But the big surprise came from Troy Polamalu. The Steeler sent Tony Romo, known for his on-field expertise as well as his high-profile relationships, on his way after grabbing 55 percent of the votes.

So who's it going to be in the next round? The choice is yours. Can Reggie Bush stay on top? Or will Matt Leinart and Manning brothers send him home? Vote now! And be sure to follow all the action on Twitter @eonlineSports.

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