Blind Vice! Who Is Priscilla's Burnt-Up Ex?

Ms. Desert isn’t as sweet as she lets on

By Ted Casablanca Mar 21, 2011 12:05 PMTags
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Priscilla Desert may have dated more gay men than most gay men have, but she has a few semi-straight ones under her belt.

Ms. P was in a relationship a few years ago with an equally talented and age-appropriate counterpart, but things didn't exactly end so smoothly.

So are the two cool now? Um, hardly...

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While out at a Hollywood party recently, Desert's ex was hanging with a bevy of beauties.

"Isn't my friend cute?" one of the babes hanging with the dude asked him. "She looks just like [Priscilla Desert]. People tell her that all the time."

P's ex totally freaked out the moment her name was brought up.

"Don't you ever, ever f--king bring that name up around me again," the usually chill dude snapped. "Ever. You hear me?"

All the gals were totally shocked at his freakout. Sure, his temper caught them by surprise, but that wasn't the only thing.

The chicks are gossip savvy, natch, and when Priscilla and this guy broke up, she had been the one to play the woe is me card in the media.

P.D. totally threw her flame under the bus, something he was not expecting her to do quite so publicly (it's kinda why we heart that devil Desert).

From what we're gathering now about their breakup, we hear she was hardly an angel during the time the two were together.

Somehow her ex managed to take the high road, never commenting on all the negative crap she said about him. Well, until recently.

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