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Those of you who have been watching American Idol from the beginning are no stranger to the flirtation happening between judge Jennifer Lopez and Idol hopeful Stefano Langone. It's innocent. It's fun. Some would even say it's healthy.

Tonight, however, a couple of audience members were none-too-pleased by J.Lo and Stefano's quick interaction before he found out his Idol fate. What exactly did they have to say to the judge?

In case you didn't hear it at home, two ladies up above the stage yelled down to Jennifer, "You're married!" and pointed out her husband Marc Anthony in the audience right after she and Stefano exchanged words (and more flirty looks). J.Lo didn't react to the scolding from the two women, but some of the people sitting around the yellers seemed taken aback. 

But not all the behind-the-scenes action was about shouting down to judges and questioning their devotion to their spouses. Here are other tidbits that went down while the cameras were off:

  • As soon as the cameras were off after the "Born to Be Wild/Born This Way" number, the group seem to collapse into hugs and relief at having gotten through the dancing and singing without mishap.
  • The award for "unsure of what to do with ourselves" during the Black Eyed Peas number goes to Paul McDonald and Scotty McCreery. Those two went with clapping their hands everyone once in awhile, with a head bob thrown in here and there for good measure.
  • Most of the Idols seemed anxious to meet and hug the members of the Black Eyed Peas, but Stefano and Naima Adedapo practically threw themselves into Fergie's arms.
  • Those who looked nervous before any results were announced: James Durbin, Jacob Lusk, Thia Megia and Karen Rodriguez. Everyone else relaxed and goofed around with their fellow contestants. Stefano and Naima looked particular chummy.
  • When season nine winner Lee DeWyze started preparing for his performance of "Beautiful Like You," both Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest ambushed him to give him a bro hug and chat for awhile. Do you think they all still keep in touch? Maybe via Twitter.
  • The biggest celebration after finding out they were safe came from James the rocker, who jumped up and down on his way back to the couch.
  • Despite being in the bottom-three chairs, Naima and Haley Reinhart remained calm, cool, and friendly with each other. At one point, Naima was playing with Haley's hair during a commercial break.
  • Lauren Alaina and Paul passed the time on the safe couch by giggling and shoving each other like a pair of lovesick teenagers. Adorable, no?
  • After Idol signed off for the night, the embraces for Karen went on long after the cameras shut down. All the judges and every single contestant stayed up on the stage until they all got hugs and some words with ther eliminated contestant. At the end, Lauren exited the stage leaning heavily on Jacob.

Do you think the right Idol went home tonight? What did you think of Lee's new single? 

(Originally published March 17, 2011, at 8:54 p.m. PT)

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