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Meet the only guy who doesn't want to do Glee—and for all the hilariously right reasons.

Seth Rogen, who's busy promoting his sci-fi comedy Paul, opened up to reporters at the 19th Annual A Night at Sardi's Fundraiser—where he hosted the Alzheimer's Association Event. He let us in on why Glee isn't for him, but why Paul is a must-see movie, for sure:

Totally triggering the closet nerd in all of us, the funnyman sold the storyline of his new movie so hard we almost forgot he was snubbing Glee in the meantime.

He also told us he had a game plan for when he meets a real alien invader.

"I would kill it. I think I would not befriend it or take it on a road trip. I would try to choke it to death," Rogen said, riffing on what actually happens in his new movie.

From the looks of the trailer, the flick screams E.T. on crack (or pot, more like), making us beyond excited to check out if Rogen's comic genius is as up to par on screen as it is talking about choking aliens.

Do you think we could push for substituting alien with a Glee diva or two? We kid, we kid. Just saying, Jane Lynch does make an appearance in Paul as a diner waitress. So why can't the doll pull some strings and get Seth on her hit show already?


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"She knows I can't sing at all, and I would only bring that show down," Rogen modestly put it.

Doubtful. He would only make Lea Michele & Co. look less scripted in the funny department. We're shaking our heads that Seth's a Glee snubber—because his cameo would be hilarious.

Not to mention that Glee needs a bad singer to mess up some of those strict notes Ryan Murphy has the cast, and guests, rigorously hitting.

Sleep on it, would ya Seth?

On a lighter note—literally—in terms of the chub Rogen's not packing these days, he claims to be doing "nothing really" to keep off the extra pounds.

"I am only holding on by a thread," he joked, per usual. "I am squeezed in here."

Maybe you should have a sit-down with fellow fat-shedder LeAnn Rimes. We're sure Seth's dropping the l-bs in a much healthier, funny-guy kind of way a la Jonah Hill.

Oh well, Glee (and LeAnn for that matter) probably has a waiting list, anyway. Seth's too good for them all, but seriously!

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