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Dear Ted:
So Reese Witherspoon is getting married again—imminently, apparently. Now, it seems to me that when she and Jake Gyllenhaal split there was a lot of talk about how he wanted to get married but she wasn't ready to settle down. So she's been dating Jim Toth "for about a year," as the tabloids are now saying, with a mention of this seeming contradiction. Your take?

Dear Altar Rusher:
Coincidences never exist in Hollywood, come on. Reese's relationship with Jake was nothing like what's going on with her agent-turned-fiancé. There's more than just an image. These two are totally in love, and good for them. The woman needs to move on, as Jake did with all his rebound ladies. A year is a perfectly decent amount of time to date someone when getting married at this point. Plus, she can't let ex Ryan Phillippe out-score her in the postdivorce romance department. Wonder if Ry and Jake got invites to the quickie nuptials, and who their dates would be?

Dear Ted:
Please tell me is Jennifer Aniston single.

Dear Wishful Thinking:
Why the hoping that Jen is all alone? The beauty has not been tied to anyone as of late, but with her selling her house and chopping of that amazing hair of hers, it makes us wonder if there is a man behind that shakeup. Certainly hope she lands herself a well-rounded fella. She deserves it, and you know it.

Dear Ted:
I want to know the dish about the Glee guys. Can you say who's a diva, who is down-to earth and who has a Blind Vice? Mainly Harry Shum Jr., Chord and Mark?

Dear Pushy:
Two of the above, does that make you happy?

Dear Ted:
You've previously stated that celebs have contacted you regarding Blind items you write about them. My question is about Nelly Fang. Do he or his GF know that you are writing about him? If he does, has he contacted you about it?

Dear Dirty Business:
If he/she knew of Fang's business they would be in contact stat. Hasn't happened yet, but you know I'll be overly open to hearing that side of the story. Their relaysh is en route to a breakup anyway.

Dear Ted:
Just read the Joe Jonas interview in Details and something caught my eye (besides his biceps, obviously!). He said a former girlfriend, who is in the Biz, broke his heart. Am I right? Also, how do you think his solo career is looking? We all know that Nick is the talented one and that didn't blow over too well for him, but Joe is the hot one and looks trump talent any day in Hollywood! Oh wait! Maybe this is why Gronas split, guy needs to be single while promoting his new album...

Dear Looks Over Lyrics:
Not a bad thought, as obviously, they did just break up. But look, all the J dudes needed to go their separate ways for a bit. I'm into Joe's solo music-making career even though he will never compare to Nick. You're right about that one, hon!

Dear Ted:
Is it just me, or is Justin Timberlake giving off a John Mayer vibe—a smarmy, womanizing and self-important musical talent? Most people I know are not fans of cheaters, even if their partner chooses to look the other way. He seems to be in a lot of movies, but I don't enjoy him as an actor, and now I am questioning his integrity as a "man." Are we to expect to see more of J.T. on the big screen or will he put it in his pocket, zip it up and go away to make some great music and leave the acting to the professionals?

Dear Harsh Words:
Team Biel, much? That comparison is brutal on so many levels. First, we don't know anything about Justin being a cheater. That's all whispering over a flirtship that we can only hope gets hot and heavy offscreen. J.T.'s split from Jess will def bring out his wilder, playboy side, which will be the test for sure. Plus, he's not going to tie down a new gal until his mama approves anyways. At least John Mayer isn't seriously considering acting. Now that would be a disaster for actresses, and their significant others, worldwide.

Dear Ted:
Please tell me Chris Colfer is not one of the Glee divas. He seems so nice.

Dear Divafied to Terrified:
You know he is best buds with Lea Michele off the set. But I don't think her ways are as contagious as they seem. The dude is pretty sweet, and nowhere near Viceville right now.

Dear Ted:
Is King Schlong blond, brunet or possibly bald?

Dear Locks of Love:
His hair is beautiful, just like the rest of his assets. The color is debatable.

Dear Ted:
Something that has always bothered me and I just wanted you expert opinion. It's about Selena Gomez. Have you noticed that she always dates the guy who is most famous at the time? First it was with Nick Jonas when the Jonas Brothers made it big. Then it was Taylor Lautner when his career really took off in the Twilight movies, and now it's with Justin Bieber now that he's a huge star. Just wondered if it's all coincidence or is she just fame hungry?

Dear Fame Whore:
I mean, the trend is there, but don't act like Selena's puppy-dog eyes for J.Biebs aren't giving off a completely different, and totally in-love vibe compared to those other A-list climbers. Those loves lasted about as long as the JoBros could stick together as a group. Good thing Justin seems to be sticking around for a while; otherwise, we would be worried for this precious pair. For now, there's no coincidence. They both seem super smitten with each other, no publicist pushing needed.

Dear Ted:
Could Strippa-Rip-Ya be considered a goddess? If so, despite the bad situation she seems to be in, do you think she'll decide that she's had enough at some point and ditch the little twerp?

Dear Gracious Goddess:
Strippa could for sure be considered a goddess in some countries. In her hubby's world, however, she seems to be the twerp. As holier than thou as she may seem, she ain't strong enough to get up and leave. There's too much baggage, way too much.

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