Kate Del Castillo

Gustavo Caballero/WireImage.com

OK, so technically, we're completely lying with that headline. As far as we know, kingpin Esteban's evil ex-wife associate Pilar didn't survive on Weeds (although wouldn't that be intriguing?), but the actress who played her, Kate del Castillo, has indeed experienced a resurrection of sorts. See, del Castillo is the star of La Reina del Sur, the blockbuster telenovela about a poor Mexican girl who rises to power as the greatest drug lord of her day. Juicy, no?

In case you haven't heard of La Reina del Sur, the Spanish-language soap has been regularly dominating English-language broadcasts in its time slot and is expected to continue its record run through the end of spring. E! News chatted up Sur star del Castillo about her wildly successful show, and based on what we're seeing and hearing, we plan to start TiVo-ing , as soon as we figure out where the English-language closed captioning is on our TV:

La Reina del Sur airs Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. on Telemundo. Do you watch telenovelas? What's your all-time fave? Hit the comments!

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