So True? So False? Did Ke$ha Really Drink Blood on Stage?!

Singer shocks audience by pulling out a heart while performing Down Under—but was it real?

By Gina Serpe Mar 17, 2011 8:56 PMTags
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Funny, here we thought it was Lady Gaga who idolized Ozzy Osbourne.

But it seems Ke$ha also did her best to follow in the bat-biting rocker's footsteps while performing at the Brisbane Future Music Festival in Australia earlier this month.

Video and equally gross-out photos have surfaced of the trashtastic pop star bringing a large dissected heart on stage with her, squeezing what appeared to be a hefty amount of blood from it into her mouth and down her neck, and proceeding to finish off her set covered in the sanguine substance.

Was it queasiness-inducing? Yes. Was it vintage rock 'n' roll? Definitely. But was it actually real blood, or just some realistic-looking, headline-grabbing stunt? Could Ke$ha really have drunk animal's blood onstage? Shield your vegan eyes, this rumor is…

So, we hope!

When asked for clarification, Ke$ha's rep seemed more interested in selling tickets than setting the record straight, telling E! News that fans should "come see the show and find out" if it's real or not.

But while it looked true to life, reviewers who did shell out the cash and actually bore witness to the the shenanigan seem to be in agreement that the heart—and thus the "blood" flowing from it—were indeed fake. Which may be why the crowd reacted with such enthusiasm and not, as they might should the stunt have been real, with en masse fainting.

"We don't know her personally, but given her great record on animal issues, we imagine it was fake," PETA executive Dan Mathews told E! News.

Appropriately enough (and perhaps providing the first clue that the stunt was more prop-based than anything else), the supposed bloodletting went down in the middle of Ke$ha's performance of "Cannibal." Which itself was followed up by "The Harold Song," a vampire-centric ditty that includes the line, "the life is fading from me/ while you watch my heart bleed."

So, it was at least a little topical. And hey—in this post-Gaga era of music, a girl's gotta do something to up her shock value game, right?

At any rate, PETA will no doubt be relieved to hear it.