Hey look, it's Tiger Woods!

The still not-on-his-game golfer made his first appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon—or any late-night talk show, for that matter—since the 2009 "incident" with his now ex-wife (and shocking escapades with a bunch of other women) that made him a tabloid cover boy for the first time in his stellar career.

Fallon started by asking Woods what he's been up to for the last year and a half.

"Oh, nothing, nothing...Playing bad golf," the former No. 1 in the world said.

"From a comedian's stand-point and my monologue writers, thank you," Fallon continued. "Your awful pain, we laughed at your pain. Not even making jokes, it kind of wrote itself. Balls, shaft, holes, foursomes—it really writes itself!"

But then Fallon switched back into his usual "oh, man, you are so awesome!" style of interviewing, and Woods appeared to have a pretty good time after that, talking about his charitable foundaton, his recent top-10 finish and his new bachelor pad with an adjacent golf course that has four different greens and types of sand to mimic various tournament conditions.

"You have your own country, congratulations," Fallon said.

"I feel a lot older, much older," admitted Woods, who technically was there to promote the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, when asked whether he felt like the "same Tiger" out on the course. (At least he beat Fallon while testing out the video game.)

Fellow guest Amy Poehler then suggested that Woods break out one of his green Masters jackets for St. Patrick's Day, an idea that thrilled Fallon way more than it did the four-time Masters champ.

Actually, Woods was back to his pleasant but uneventful, serious self, just like old times before he became way more interesting than he ever intended.

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