Did Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Break Up?

Jonas brother was spotted hitting on other chicks in Hollywood just days after magazine article praising his Twi-babe

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Mar 17, 2011 1:35 PMTags
Joe Jonas, Ashley GreeneRIV/Fame Pictures

Joe Jonas may have talked about girlfriend Ashley Greene in this month's Details, but are the two still together?

The good-lookin' duo, usually attached at the hip when they're in the same town, partied separately last week in L.A., causing some speculation the pair might be on a break.

Ash was at Trousdale Friday night, hanging with some friends, including one hunky Zac Efron. And Joe was spotted at the same club earlier in the week and wasn't exactly staying away from the ladies.

This just in:

"He was very flirtatious all night, and if I were Ashley Greene I would not want my boyfriend acting like that towards a bunch of hoes," dishes a girl who was seated at a table near Joe last Tuesday.

So, acting like what, exactly?

"He had his hands all over this girl's ass saying he couldn't take his eyes off her when she danced," explains the surprised onlooker.

Hmm, doesn't exactly sound like the Joe we hear about? Friends of Jonas' explain his side:

"He was there with his boys, just out having fun," dishes a member of J.J.'s entourage. "But grabbing some gal's ass? That's not Joe, he never behaves like that."

Hey, as long as he's a single dude we say get your flirt on, man! Because we're getting the feeling Joe and Ashley are either over, or thisclose to being over.

Joe is a good guy, and Ash is such a catch surely he wouldn't be stepping out on her.

Another clue that Gronas may be on hiatus right now is that we've been told Joe hasn't been as much of a fixture around the Breaking Dawn set as he was a few months ago.

Hey, people break up, especially in Hollywood.

We've reached out to Joe and Ashley's reps, but they have not commented.

If Jonas and Greene are still together, expect hand-holding paparazzi shots right about...now. Either that, or a statement to People saying their breakup was mutual.

(Originally published March 17, 2011, at 12:50 a.m. PT)