Sometimes, great minds think alike. And sometimes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And sometimes, there's just blatant rip-offs.

But which is it with Keith Urban and Kellie Pickler, both of whom have released videos recently showing previously unseen home video footage with their (particularly in Keith's case) exquisitely photogenic partners?

We know what Katy Perry would have to say about this string of copycat videos. But what about you? Let's compare…

Keith released his video, "Without You," just this week, and in it is never-before-seen candid moments caught not only between him and wife Nicole Kidman but with their oldest daughter, Sunday Rose, as well.

Hand-holding, wave frolicking, shots of Sunday in her crib and other intimate family moments were all included in the video, projected on a wall behind a singing Keith. It's sweet to be sure, but maybe not the most original idea.

Especially not when you consider that Kellie Pickler released her video just last month, though technically it wasn't even really hers to begin with.

Pickler's new hubby, songwriter Kyle Jacobs, wrote and recorded a tune for Kellie called "Say I Do," and used only the couple's super sweet and awww-inducing private wedding footage in the video (where much hand-holding and wave frolicking also ensued).

Has it been done before? Of course. But not in such quick succession (particularly when you factor in that it was just last month that Katy Perry also debuted her never-seen wedding footage with Russell Brand while performing at the Grammys) and in the same genre.

Still, we want to know what you think. Was someone ripped off, or is this just a striking coincidence?

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