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After the horrific 9.0 earthquake hit Japan last Friday, triggering a massive tsunami, nuclear fall-out, blackouts and fire, the tragedy has left the world heavyhearted and scurrying to help the disaster's victims. What's adding even more weight to our major concerns are the pictures of the animals, cats and dogs alike, abandoned amid the wreckage.

Relief organizations worldwide are appropriately responding to the tragedy in an effort to help the people and animals of Japan.

PETA Asia-Pacific has been sending numbers of staffers to the most damaged areas along the country's eastern coast, but there are ways animal lovers everywhere can help the Japanese in this time of need.

Do what you can to donate. Your money, your time, your thoughts. 

First off, help animal victims from the disaster by donating to PETA's Animal Emergency Fund, which helps safeguard animals prior to and after disasters, as it did during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Other organizations rallying their furry rescue forces include: American Humane AssociationWorld Vets, The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and the Animal Refuge Kansai, among others.

All these brave groups accept any amount of money, which will go toward supplies, medication and the deployment of more staffers to Japan. 

Aside from donating your dollars, animal organizations like PETA say that over preparation for these unforeseeable disasters is the key to never having to leave your pet companion behind after a natural disaster.

Among the tips on the pet-friendly disaster preparedness checklist are: buying collars with ID tags, stocking up on extra food and supplies and remembering that hotels often lift "no pet" policies during emergencies.

Being educated is just as important as playing philanthropist, friends!

Whichever way you chose to donate, keep the people and animals of Japan in your thoughts, as they are in ours. Disasters like these remind us to appreciate how lucky we are to have our furballs in our lives!

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