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So True So False, STSF

Since screwing up big-time, Chris Brown has three Grammy nominations, a successful Saturday Night Live appearance and a handful of glowing behavioral reviews to his name. Did he just muck it all up?

A paparazzo recently caught up with the R&B star while he was driving and snapped a photo of him puffing on...

Well, that's where the controversy comes in. Photo agency X17 Online implied that Brown was smoking a marijuana joint while driving, an obvious threat to his string of A-plus progress reports and his image as a good guy, which is still in the, er, rebuilding phase.

E! News, however, happens to have the goods on what Brown was really up to. Hang on to your lighters, because this rumor is...

So false!

Our first big clue, of course, was that  X17 Online has since removed the photo from its site.

And our second big clue was that his rep, in no uncertain terms, flatly squashed the site's speculation.

"The report made by X17 Online on March 14, 2011, headlining ‘Is Chris Brown Half-Baked Behind The Wheel?' is false," his rep exclusively tells E! News. "The picture shows Chris Brown holding a Davidoff mini natural pack mild cigarillo...The same cigar he held in the photo of his In My Zone mixtape CD cover."

It's not even salvia, folks!

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