As if being a mom, writer, actor, producer, comedian and feminist icon weren't enough, rumor has it that Tina Fey might be getting another job: host of the 2012 Academy Awards.

If it's true, no one would be happier than former Oscar host Alec Baldwin, who told our own Ben Lyons at the 30 Rock 100th-episode celebration in New York, "I think she should [do it]...I think that's what they need: somebody who has the ability to host, to keep it moving with jokes, [someone] who moves quick. I think she'd be fantastic."

Works for us! But hey, what does Tina think about that idea?


"That sounds hard," says Tina. "Just the number of outfits."

Is the hosting rumor true? "Not that I know of," says Tina. Baldwin suggested that Fey team up with this year's male host, James Franco (whose guest stint on 30 Rock included a one-night stand with Liz Lemon), and Fey said, "Me and Franco, that's the only way I would do it."

As Fey, Baldwin and Lyons discussed the past 100 episodes of 30 Rock, Fey admitted that they became sure they were going to make it to 100 episodes at "around 99. [That's when we said] I think we're all gonna make it. Somebody is always in the hospital here." (30 Rock stars Tracy Morgan and Grizz Chapman both had kidney transplants in recent years.)

As for the future of Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy, Tina shares that Liz is sticking with celibacy in the aftermath of her breakup with airline pilot Carol (Matt Damon): "I think Liz is trying to get herself together through the end of this year. I do not think Liz will be making out with anyone else for the remainder of the year—[but] then next year? Oh, brother. Party. Train. It's gonna be a revolving door." 

For his part, Jack Donaghy will spend the remainder of the season trying to work out a way to "monetize" fatherhood. If anyone can do it, Donaghy can.

In other 30 Rock news, Jane Krakowski is totally knocked up! Check out her adorable third-trimester belly! Jane told Ben that (a) she has "pregnancy brain," and (b) she loves that pregnant women are treated so sympathetically, noting, "If my butt was this size without this [bump] in the front, I wouldn't be on television."

Tip: If you love laughing, TV, Tina Fey or any combination thereof, you must press play on the video above to watch her speech before the cutting of the 30 Rockefeller Plaza cake. Among other things, she thanks NBC for being too distracted by other problems to remember to cancel them, and we join Fey in her gratitude to the Peacock net. Our lives would all have been less fun these past five years without the company of Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. We heart 30 Rock!

Do you think Tina Fey would be a good Oscar host? Is Alec Baldwin bestest or just the best? And share your wishes for the next 100 episodes of 30 Rock in the comments!

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