Blind Vice Single Guy

Does Jerry Rock-Butt have monogamy in him, after all?

Jerry had a permanent hall pass—you know, cheat whenever he likes but come home to the missus at night and on red carpets—with Chutney Jones. Nice deal, right? But it turns out he's traded it in for a shot at someone he thinks is the real thing.

So who is JRB's potential new leading lady?

Meet Kiki Doheny, the object of Jerry's desire.

Kiki and Rock-Butt have known each other for a while and have kept it friendly until recently.

See, Jerry thought he could make Ms. Doheny another notch on his heavy belt just by batting those pretty lashes of his.

Not with this broad.

She has deftly blue-balled him every step of their friendship, so this, of course, only makes Kiki more desirable.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore and asked what he can do to win her affections?

K.D. demanded he completely break up with Chutney like stat or else she would never give it up.

So what did Jerry Rock-Butt do? Babes, it wasn't even a question.

He ditched his long-time love and hasn't looked back.

Wonder how long it took until Kiki and Jerry had mattress playtime?

Actually, the real question is whether they can sustain a new A-list relationship purely on the fact they are so hot for each other.

Or will Chutney Jones get the final laugh?

We hear she's been flirting up a storm with Saucy Bossy, remember him? A B.V. star who has an award Jerry Rock-Butt would kill for.

Ms. Jones sure does have a thing for the bisexual ones, I swear.

And it Ain't: Tom Sturridge, Jay-Z, Mark Ruffalo

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