TWO AND A HALF MEN, Charlie Sheen

Greg Gayne/Warner Bros

It wasn't a 5150 last night at Charlie Sheen's house, but the police raid may have been an attempt by his family to help the embattled sitcom star.

While the LAPD refuse to identify who called them...

A source tells me that the call may have come from a family member.

While Sheen apparently hasn't spoken to his father, Martin, or brother Emilio Estevez in weeks, the source said immediate family members "were hoping Charlie would have been arrested."

Although some reports claim the police were called because Sheen was threatening to hurt himself with a gun, a spokesperson for the LAPD insisted to E! News that they were only there because of a possible violation of a restraining order.

I'm told Sheen's family continues to look for legal ways to intervene. "They don't know what to do," the source said. "He won't talk to anyone."

As Sheen himself has made clear, he's still in contact with ex-wife Denise Richards.

However, I'm told, Sheen and Richards are still at odds about daughter Sam's seventh birthday party this weekend. Sheen has unsuccessfully tried to convince Richards to throw the bash at his place.

"He just wants a photo op," the source said. "Denise said their daughters aren't going anywhere near that place."

—Additional reporting by Whitney English

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