Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM; John Shearer/WireImage

Nothing says true love like puppy love!

And so it seems that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have made a very big step.

It was rumored that R.Pattz had adopted a dog a few weeks ago, and now his ex-whatever, Nikki Reed, just let it slip that it might not only be Rob's pup...

"How did you know that?" Nikki quipped to HollywoodLife when they asked about Rob's new furry friend. "It's just so weird to me that when you get a dog, like, 78 hours ago the whole world knows about it."

So did Ms. Reed, looking cute in a romper, let slip that it is Rob and Kristen's dog? She continued:

"I didn't even know they got a dog, and I brought my dog, and people were saying that mine was a bigger version."

They, as in Robsten? Reed quickly recovered:

"Oh no, it's Rob's dog. It just becomes a community dog on set."

Umm, yeah right, babe! Don't worry, Nik, you aren't the one that blew their adorable little secret.

When Rob and Kristen were in L.A. over Oscar weekend, they were spotted at a vet in the Valley a few blocks down from where they were later seen shopping for some vintage clothes. Kristen, being the good GF she obviously is, would have accompanied Rob anyway, but we just assumed at the time the dog belonged to both of them.

They're shacking up in Vancouver together for freak's sake!

Don't you all just love this? Because we do!

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