Scarlett Johansson, Sean Penn, Ryan Reynolds, Agnes Fischer

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As hard as it may be for some folks like Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, Hollywood really is the best place to break up. 

After all, where else can you file for divorce, rebound with a hunky older man and stand by as cameras capture your every moment of revenge, right, Scarlett Johansson?

So while ex-hubby Ryan Reynolds is across the globe canoodling with German Bebe model (we'll try not to hold that against her) Agnes Fischer, what's next for the duo?

Well, time to call Charlie Sheen and find out who's winning in these deliciously devilish paparazzi ex games.

It's a close call, but we really do have to admit Scarlett is winning—but only with a slight edge.

Scar and Ry are incredibly sexy, so no doubt this former A-list couple didn't waste anytime snagging über-hot rebounds—that's a plus for both. 

But Scar's strategy of tickling Sean's crotch and jetting off to Mexico for a 24-hour escapade all in the same week? A tad bit desperate, if you ask us, but genius at the same time.

Sean is a two-time Oscar winner, still pretty sexy and, let's face it, he's an asshole, so you know he's good in bed.

But is this really a fling? Just this week, during one of Scarlett and Sean's cozy dinners at the Chateau Marmont, onlookers said the duo "looked genuinely happy together."

Ryan, on the other hand, has remained very low-key (always the classier move), only to be spotted with his blonde of choice at a local coffee shop, where her foot remained distinctively out of his lap. 

So is Ryan purposefully remaining stealth about his new romance with the fellow flannelgoer, or is there simply minimal buzz because Ry is across the globe and no one in America knows who the heck this gal is?

Regardless, in the final analysis, we have to remember these are movie stars. And as much as we might be tempted to go with the more tasteful member of the divorce, that doesn't really wash ‘round these parts.

Therefore, Scarlet's ahead. And she so knows it.

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