Lindsay Lohan

David McNew-Pool/Getty Images

Pop your eyeballs back in your head. Lindsay Lohan says did not have a run-in with the law right after court this morning.

So what's with the photos of her and a cop car stopped by the side of the road?

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"Just waved down a police officer to help me block an x17 paparazzi- thank you #LAPD !!! his pictures were not coz i got pulled over! he got punk'd," Lohan tweeted shortly after noon.

X17online insists, however, that an officer told the agency that Lohan got pulled over, and not the other way around. The traffic violation? Running a stop sign.

In keeping with a nonillegal event, the LAPD's public information rep had no record of any incident. The Beverly Hills Police Department later confirmed to E! News, however, that Lohan was pulled over for an undisclosed violation, but did not get a ticket.

Seriously, was Lohan so disappointed by her relatively drama-free morning (minus arriving 35 minutes late for court) that she tried to drum some up on her own? The starlet stuck to her not-guilty plea on a felony theft charge and a preliminary hearing was set for April 22, provided Lohan doesn't opt to take a plea deal by then.

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