Michael, The Real World: Las Vegas


Season 25 of The Real World premiered last night, and once again they've returned to Vegas. So far, our favorite roommate is Mike. He's a good, religious boy who doesn't have much luck with the ladies.

But on the second night, Mike decides he's going to change all that, and brings home a couple willing women from the club. And then, well, then things got crazy...





Oh yeah, I got wild tonight, bro. First I warmed things up with a little Genesis, just to get them in the mood. Then things got a little naughtier when I whipped out my giant book of Leviticus. Ooh, they liked that.

Then suddenly the ground began to shake, the heavens exploded and we all saw a glorious light—'cause it was Revelations time, baby! Oh yeah...

Anyway, they just left on their Exodus of shame.

G'night, man. Oh—I was gonna ask you, what's sex?     

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