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It was just two weeks ago that Top Chef All-Stars contestant Dale Talde revealed that he sought professional mental help to deal with his anger issues after his first appearance on the cooking reality show.

Now, another cheftesant is being told he should see a therapist, too.


Read on to find out who I'm talking about, plus my exclusive weekly chat with last night's eliminated chef...

Richard Blais, is by far, one of the most talented chefs the reality series has ever seen, but the poor guy has no self-confidence. He doubts himself so much that judge Gail Simmons wrote in her blog that it's time for some therapy.

But it didn't get too bad last night because Blais made it through to the next round. It was Carla Hall, who was given the boot because of her undercooked pork (ew!).

I was sorry to see you go last night.
I'm sorry too, but I think I feel more sorry for the fans who are rooting for me and sending me virtual hugs.

Would you do Top Chef again?

You know the last time I said, I don't know. If they ask me to do it again, I might because I didn't think it would come around again. I'm scared to say, "Yes I will," because they'll be calling me again.

But why not?
You know what, it was fun. After doing All Stars I would love to do Top Chef Camp, where we go and there are challenges but nobody goes home. We just get pushed to be great chefs.

So you think the elimination challenge was fair (they had to cook in a rundown restaurant in the Bahamas)? I want to see you cooking the best food using the best tools and equipment.
I understand what you're saying and I think what you all didn't hear were the judges saying after the Quick Fire, "We're going to make you work for this—for every single dollar!" And at the end of the day, some good dishes still came out of that kitchen.

Do you think Richard needs help because he's so insecure?
I think, yeah. I think he knows he is challenged in that way. It was really hard to see...I wish he really could enjoy his food because he's a wonderful person and so giving to other chefs. Richard is really good with other people and I don't know why he doesn't give himself the same love and care.

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