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Charlie Sheen is talking a lot about trolls and warlocks. Are these going to replace vampires and werewolves as the new "it" supernatural beings?
—Ricardo R., via Facebook

I have no doubt that, as I write this, Charlie Sheen is planning a stellar new TV franchise, featuring both warlocks and trolls, for HBO.

But outside of Sheen's head, the hot creatures of the moment are...

Not warlocks.

And definitely not trolls.

There are dozens of vampire-related TV series and movies expected in 2011 alone. But mean wizards? Aside from the last in the Harry Potter franchise? Good luck.

"There was a movie in the late '80s called Warlock," says Borys Kit, of the Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog. "Julian Sands starred in it." But other than that—and Deathly Hallows Part 2, and maybe a cranky spellcaster or two in the upcoming Hobbit, no.

Do not look for an onslaught of warlocks. Or...


"I can see teenage girls getting their panties in a bunch over vampires and werewolves, but a troll?" muses Chris Farnsworth, author of the super-hot Blood Oath book series, which features a vampire who works for the president, as well as some very dangerous werewolves.

"It even sounds bad. It sounds like a little, gnarled, twisted up, spotty, warty abomination."

I would ask Farnsworth to stop, because he's making Shrek cry—except Shrek is an ogre.

"Nobody looks up to a troll," Farnsworth proclaims.

Indeed—Troll 2, made in 1989, has been lauded by film-o-philes as one of the worst movies ever made.

(Originally published March 9, 2011, at 6:52 p.m. PT)

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