War of the Roommates: Jeff Conaway Accuses Girlfriend of Playing Hide-the-Drugs

Troubled actor and live-in ex-fiancée file dueling restraining orders

By Natalie Finn Mar 09, 2011 12:45 AMTags
Jeff ConawayJordan Strauss/Getty Images

What must the neighbors think?!

The Grease heartthrob turned Celebrity Rehab alum Jeff Conaway and his live-in fiancée (until now, anyway) filed dueling restraining orders last week, both claiming the other engaged in some seriously shady business.

But only one of them got a judge to force the other to move out.

Victoria Spinoza obtained her temporary restraining order, along with a move-out demand, on Feb. 28, meaning Conaway had to leave the Northridge, Calif., home owned by Spinoza and her mother, according to the complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

She wrote in the filing that she wanted the former Taxi star to "stop reporting lies to the police" and "stop slandering [her] name to everyone."

On Feb. 23, Spinoza claims, Conaway "pulled out a knife and a hammer and told me he was going [to] ruin my life." She locked herself in the bathroom, she says, until he left her alone, after which she called 911 and told the operator Conaway was going to kill her.

Conaway has been on three 5150 psychiatric holds in the last year, the most recent being the week of Dec. 14, Spinoza states. At the time, he "made marks on his arms claiming I did it to him," she claims, calling him "mentally unstable and dangerous."

Spinoza says that any of Conaway's claims against her, including that she tried to steal his medication, are false. She also threw in a demand for $567 for unpaid utility bills.

Conaway, who filed for his own TRO on March 2, apparently sees their situation a little differently.

Sure enough, he accuses Spinoza of stealing $700 worth of his medication and demands she give it back.

Conaway's complaint also states that she has been staying with her mother but would sneak in and out of the house while he was sleeping. He claims that, on the day he was served with Spinoza's TRO, she snuck into the house at 3 a.m. and "injected something" in his right arm that left him drowsy all day.

He also claims she planted cocaine in the house so that the Sheriff's deputies would find it when they came to serve him with the restraining order.

A hearing on their respective allegations is scheduled for March 21.

Spinoza told E! News last year, while Conaway was hospitalized after a drug-fueled fall, that she believed "the meds are destroying his mind."