Ashlee Simpson Wentz, Pete Wentz


And it was all going so well.

But the seemingly smooth split between Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson has hit its first (public, anyway) fork, as the Fall Out Boy has filed a petition in response to Ash's divorce papers, and his biggest point of contention is her proposed custody split.

It seems Simpson is trying to hog all the quality time with their little cutie, Bronx Mowgli, while Wentz is arguing that it's father who knows best. Or at least, who knows an equal amount as mother.

Here's what he's asking for…

First and foremost, joint custody. When Ashlee filed last month, she requested joint legal custody of the 2-year-old, but wanted sole physical custody of the tyke, with visitation to be granted to Pete. And he doesn't sound too thrilled with that proposition.

In his filing, Wentz is asking for both legal and physical custody to be awarded jointly.

And while Simpson requested that Wentz ante up for both parties' attorneys fees, Wentz is asking that they go Dutch on the legal bills.

Another difference? While Simpson didn't list a date of separation for the couple, Wentz cited Feb. 9 as their last day as a duo, which incidentally is just two days after Wentz hosted a Super Bowl party and the exact day Simpson filed for divorce.

Talk about your quick turnarounds.

However, there is one thing the duo seems to agree on: their split, after two years and nine months of marriage—and another two years of dating—is due to irreconcilable differences.

Here's hoping this new batch of differences get reconciled as amicably as possible.

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