Ever wonder how the adorable cat with Antonio Banderas' voice in Shrek got those fab boots?

If you pray for mercy—or just go to the movies this November—you'll get the story behind the sexy, Spanish, sword-fighting cat in the upcoming 3D film Puss in Boots.

Wait, can a cat really be sexy? Well...

He has been a "bad kitty," according to the trailer.

In any case, Puss is one of the most popular characters in the Shrek series, and if the ogre can get four movies and a musical, why not a film for the kitty?

The current trailer is a little ambiguous on what we can expect, plot-wise, but if this film turns out to be anything like the rest of the Shrek movies (pretty likely, in a good way), get ready for pop-culture references, cameos and a whole lot of puns about a puss in boots.

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