When fans catch up to True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, they want to know one thing and one thing only: What's happening this season?

Find out what Anna and Stephen are willing to reveal...plus hear what Kristin Bauer, Joe Manganiello and Nelsan Ellis told E! News about season four (starring on the show leads to weight loss?!):

Nelsan Ellis, who plays Bon Temps' sauciest short-order cook, tells us that fans aren't shy about asking him personal questions, "How are you like Lafayette? Are you gay? Do you wear makeup? Are you that sassy? Are you that tough?" He also tells us that the truth is, "I'm just a country boy, and to be a part of something so magnificent and big [as True Blood] is weird for me."

Kristin Bauer, who plays Eric's vampy minion Pam, tells us, "[I get a lot of questions about] the big Swede—from women. It's very interesting. Women seem to want to know about this tall gentleman. They all ask me what it's like to work with Alex, and I [used to be] like 'wonderful,' 'lovely,' and now I'm like, 'He's kind of a pain in the butt.' I just make stuff up."

Joe Manganiello, who just joined the show last year as werewolf Alcide, tells us that even though he's the new kid, he's around for the duration: "Charlaine [Harris] is getting ready to drop the 11th book in May, and she's threatening to write two more, so I'm around as long as the show goes."

What questions would you ask the stars of True Blood if you had one of them cornered? Hit the comments!

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