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Sometimes, it's best not to go looking too hard for the reasons behind Charlie Sheen's bizarre behavior. And other times, you can't help but do anything else. Especially when he decided to celebrate his firing yesterday by jumping on a roof and waving a machete around.

Trust us when we say this hurts us more than it will you, but it turns out, Sheen's sword-wielding escapade isn't as crazy as we first thought. Here's the deal...

First of all—and brace yourselves for the disappointment here—that wasn't Sheen's machete.

Instead, E! News exclusively learned, the prop is the prized possession of a Live Nation executive (on whose building Sheen engaged in the knife-robatics).

During a smoke break amid his merchandising meeting, Charlie started out doing nothing more harmless and uncrazy than give a simple wave to paparazzi. But sensing a Kodak moment in the works, the Live Nation exec ran into his office to retrieve the machete and then informed Sheen to give his best Che Guevara and wave it around for the cameras. The "Free at last!" freestyle, however, was all Charlie's idea.

"Charlie grabbed it and was like, 'Cool. Viva la revolución!'" a source said.

The action, needless to say, was a hit—not only with the paparazzi, but with Sheen himself, who immediately began telling people he wanted to get a similar sword for his "warlock arsenal." Of course he does.

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