Check Out Jennifer Aniston's "Sex Tape"

Actress and Smartwater pitchwoman releases her first-ever viral video, featuring Keenan Cahill, the Double Rainbow guy, puppies and more

By Katherine Riley Mar 07, 2011 10:22 PMTags

Now that we have your attention.

Smartwater pitchwoman Jennifer Aniston has released her first-ever viral video, cagily calling it her  "sex tape."

While there's no actual action of that that sort in the clip, it does feature lots of Internet-meme favorites like Keenan Cahill, a plethora of puppies, the Double Rainbow guy, creepy dancing babies and...

...Chelsea Lately's own Brad Wollack, who receives a lovely boot to the crotch, courtesy of Ms. Aniston herself.

And who wouldn't toast a Smartwater to that?

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