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Too busy rattling off Charlie Sheen quotables to catch the latest in this weekend's entertainment news? No worries, we've got the latest on the Two and a Half Men star's antics, Miley Cyrus playing Justin Bieber on SNL and all the other big happenings.

• Sheen hit a glitch in his winning spree, when he debuted Sheen's Korner Saturday evening. But that didn't hurt him in other areas. Following his record-setting Twitter debut, the LAPD revealed they wouldn't be investigating Sheen after ex-wife Brooke Mueller filed a temporary restraining order against him.

• Just when it seemed Sheen's sober-living compound would be short a "goddess," Rachel Oberlin, who packed her bags Friday night, had returned by Saturday.

• Meanwhile, support for Sheen (and spoofs) poured in, with Sean Penn saying Sheen's talents would be put to good use in Haiti, real-life Fighter character Dicky Eklund offering up some inspiring words and Jerry O'Connell imitating him in a faux Two and a Half Men casting session.

• Animated flick Rango rocked this weekend's box office, taking the top spot at $38 million. The Adjustment Bureau followed at $20.9 million, and Beastly rounded up third at $10.1 million.

• Miley Cyrus did a mean Justin Bieber impression on Saturday Night Live…and even mentioned her Salvia smoking incident.

• We revealed how manipulative vampire Eric Northman's story line takes a turn on next season's True Blood…when he loses his memory.

Phil Collins quit the music biz, citing medical issues as the reason for his retirement from his Grammy-winning career.

• Slumdog Millionaire actress Rubina Ali faced a devastating loss Friday, when the 12-year-old's family home went up in flames in Mumbai, along with all of their possessions and her awards from the film.

• Need some lively scoop on next season's Walking Dead? It's right here.

David Birney slammed ex-wife Meredith Baxter's claims that he abused her during their 15-year marriage.

• Here's a celeb kid who might give Willow Smith a run for her money in the music department.

David Arquette got into a dangerous head-on collision Friday, then revealed he was not wearing his seat belt.

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