You Know Who Else Thought Charlie Sheen's Webcast Sucked?

Finally, Charlie and the media agree on something!

By Jenna Mullins Mar 06, 2011 10:14 PMTags
Charlie SheenJeffrey Mayer/

Just when you thought Charlie Sheen had lost all his logical reasoning skills, he comes through with a thought we can all agree on: The first episode of Sheen's Korner (yes, that's "Korner" with a "K") was all kinds of awful.

Charlie tweeted Sunday about his 50 minute rant: "Fastball; last night was treasonous to the movement. my bad. a video solution coming soon." Just in case anyone was worried that the first Sheen's Korner would be the last.

Soon after admitting "his bad," Charlie tweeted a warning to his followers: "psst, check it, you've been warned. #SheensKorner a violent torpedo of truth. love or hate. do the math."

We just did the math, Charlie. What's worse than not winning?

Really not winning.