Willow Smith

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Just when you thought Willow Smith was the youngest celebrity kid singing her way onto the music charts, there's now an even younger star-in-training who's already showing he's got the chops (and the genes!) to make it in the business.

Sure, he may not have enough hair to actually be whipping it around, but...

Taye Diggs tells me that his and Tony Award-winning wife Idina Menzel's son, Walker, is already taking music classes. And I say already because the little guy is only 17 months old!

"He's dancing and playing instruments and banging around," Diggs says. "You can do a lot at 17 months old!"

Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs

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But despite Walker's obvious star quality, Diggs is hoping "he'll be well rounded."

"I'm shoving a basketball in his hand, as well," he laughed.

And here's a bummer: Diggs will not be jumping from Private Practice over to Grey's Anatomy for its musical episode (for those who may not know it, Diggs was a huge Broadway star in Rent before his Hollywood career took off). "It would have been fun," he said. "Maybe Private Practice will do it one day…You know, Shonda Rimes is a genius, so I trust her."

Hey, if Kate Walsh can do it, Mr. Diggs certainly can, too!

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