Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

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Verbal agreements aren't what they used to be.

Though Charlie Sheen tweeted yesterday that he and ex-wife Brooke Mueller would not be in need of a court date next week because they had come to an agreement regarding custody of their twin sons, we hear that just isn't so.

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"Not sure what all the legal noise is about... just verbally reached a deal with B. no court mon. yay...." wrote the record-setting tweeter. "Yet the opposition felt it necessary to still harass me with old gibberish.... odd? perhaps. transparent? you betcha'!"

Well, he was right about one thing.

A source close to the situation told E! News Friday that there is no deal in place, despite the two sides' lawyers getting together this afternoon, nor is there a court hearing taking place Monday.


Sheen and Mueller had brokered a joint custody agreement last month when they settled the terms of their divorce, but those plans went awry when Sheen embarked on his interview extravaganza and talked about playing house with two girlfriends and his kids.

Mueller entreated a judge to help her get her kids out of Sheen's home before his scheduled visit was due to end, and the judge complied after Mueller also obtained a temporary restraining order against her ex, claiming he roughed her up and made violent threats.

Bob and Max, who are almost 2, are in the full-time care of Mueller's mother while their mom continues an out-patient rehab program.

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