So True? So False? Is Colin Firth Getting Knighted?!

According to reports, the Oscar winner may soon be a sir—but is this rumor real or a real blunder?

By Gina Serpe Mar 04, 2011 8:49 PMTags
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Arise, Sir Colin?

Certainly has a nice ring to it. And, apparently, to the British media which appear to be beside themselves reporting the news that newly crowned Oscar winner Colin Firth is set to be united when the queen hands out titles for her annual Honors list.

Aside from the fact that it would be a bit of a demotion (from king to knight? One can't be too amused by that!), the royal accolade, bestowed her Her Majesty herself, would cap off what's already turning out to be a career-high year for The King's Speech star.

But is it true? Hold that curtsy, this rumor is…

So…maybe! But officially, and at least for the time being, so false.

The truth is, Colin could very well be in line for a knighthood when the official list is announced in June. But that's just the problem—the official list has yet to be announced.

So why does the British press think it's a done deal? Well, the nominations have just been finalized, and are currently being considered by a committee fronted by the Cabinet Office (one of whose members, presumably, has some loose lips).

"I can confirm that the nominations have been submitted, and the nominations are now being considered by the eight committees who decide the Honors recipients," a spokesperson for the Cabinet Office said.

"The list is set to come out before the Queen's birthday—around the 11th of June—and those who will receive one will find out about a week before that. I can't tell you who will receive one because it hasn't been decided yet."

Buckingham Palace, as always, has refused to comment on the nominations. However, it's worth noting that anyone can nominate someone for the honor—and it's possible that whoever submitted Firth as a nominee went around blabbing that fact to the press. Of course, that doesn't mean he's not a lock for the nod.

In any case, the more time it takes the better—by June there should be a little more distance since he uttered his less than enthusiastic comments about the monarchy.

"I think they seem very nice," he told Piers Morgan last month when asked about the royal family. "I don't know any of them…I really like voting. You know, that's one of my favorite things…[Unelected institution] is a problem for me."

Hopefully not for long.