Charlie Sheen Pimps New Book on Twitter—What's Next?

Actor reveals what he would call it via Twitter, the social networking site that might just make him some money

By Peter Gicas Mar 04, 2011 5:42 PMTags
Charlie SheenGlen Lipton Photography/

With everyone, right or wrong, hanging on Charlie Sheen's every word, it only seems logical (for lack of a better term) that the guy plans to write or has already written a book. Either way, he's figured out what to call it.

"The title of my book has finally been delivered thru vast and extensive Lunar channels. Apocalypse Me," he tweeted on Thursday, adding that the title was, not surprisingly, "Warlock Latin for WINNING."

While Sheen taking pen to paper might seem weird (or not), it actually wouldn't be the first time...

About 20 years ago, Sheen published a book titled A Peace of My Mind, a collection of poems that was recently dug up which shows that, even back then, he had a unique way with words. See, writing's in his (tiger) blood!

But his alleged new book might not be the only thing we see Sheen pimping on his Twitter page. According to Forbes, the actor's sudden interest in joining the social networking site most likely extends beyond just wanting to stay connected with 1.5 million of his closest friends.

To help him set up his account, Sheen recruited the services of, a Beverly Hill-based company that specializes in celebrity Twitter endorsements.

Sure enough, if Sheen does decide to shill for a few products here and there, it could prove to be very profitable. The Hollywood Reporter reports the actor could make as much as $1 million a year from tweeting.

And while that might not be as much as a rock star from Mars makes, it's not exacly chump change.