Blind Vice diva

Last time we checked in on Strippa Rip-Ya, her sad story was getting worse.

That abusive hubby of hers, Caesar Anchovy-Arse, was causing a drunk ruckus by showing up to a photo shoot where he proceeded to take his verbal barrage semi-public by pointing out all her flaws in front of work colleagues.

So did Rip-Ya's shocked acquaintances ever say anything to her?

Some tried.

"She's in more denial than she ever has been," dishes a source close to SRY who is familiar with the sad, sad sitch.

Continues the concerned pal:

"Her career is red hot right now, so she just won't hear anyone out. She thinks if she ignores the problem long enough it will just go away."

But it won't, as long as she's with that dude of hers.

Sure, since she's the bigger celeb in the marriage you would think that would make Caesar pipe down and—more importantly—lay off, but it doesn't.

We may not be experts at anything but gossip, but if you ask us the higher Strippa's star rises, the worse her situation will be at home.

Anchovy-Arse is a twerp and an abuser. He's a total loser, so, the only way he feels he can show he's the man of the household (since he's not the money maker) is to show it physically.

It's just horrible—and so Paleozoic Era. Why doesn't he just use his club to express himself, instead of that nasty-ass mouth of his. Not to mention his hands.

It's going to take a serious injury before Strippa gets it through her head this guy is bad news for her and her kids.

But denial is a dangerous place to be in, and right now SRP has set up shop.

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