Rizzoli & Isles Adds a Sibling, a Sidekick and a Couple of Sex Objects

Get exclusive scoop on four new characters joining TNT's breakout summer hit

By Jennifer Arrow Mar 04, 2011 12:44 AMTags
Rizzoli and IslesDanny Feld/TNT

Well, what do you know? Rizzoli survives that finale cliffhanger where she shoots herself through the chest to take out that guy who was holding her hostage! Wild.

Yes, two of our favorite lady crimesolvers, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander, are returning to TV this summer with new episodes of TNT's breakout summer hit Rizzoli & Isles—only things aren't going to be the same as you remember. We just found out that the series will add at least four major characters, including a new love interest, a new relative and a new rival. Who are these folks, and more importantly, will they screw up the good thing that Jane and Maura have going?

The most important addition to the cast is probably Tommy Rizzoli, who is not just Angela Rizzoli's (Lorraine Bracco) baby but also a convicted criminal recently released from prison. Angela dotes on him, while siblings Jane and Frankie (Jordan Bridges), the two cops in the family, are much more suspicious of their little bro.

Also new to the cast are two Boston cops who get entangled with Jane. One's a strong-silent-type sergeant named Casey Jones who becomes something of a romantic prospect for Jane, and the other cop, Rico Cruz, is a sexy Latino detective who gets under Jane's skin and battles with Boston's best police woman for control over certain investigations.

Last but not least, Maura's getting a sidekick! Michi Tada is a native of Japan who is described as "part goth, part Harajuku girl," and who joins Isles in the coroner's office, becoming a devoted acolyte of Alexander's smartypants scientist. (Does the role of Michi remind anyone of Abby from NCIS?)

What do you think? Do you think these new additions will shake up the show in a good way, or will they ruin a good thing? Got any casting suggestions for the part?

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