Camille Grammer, Stuff My Dad Says

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Camille Grammer quickly became one of the most hated Housewives of all time with her smack-talking, crazy antics this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sure, she went through a very public, very nasty divorce with now ex-husband Kelsey Grammer, but still, her likability just wasn't all that strong this season.

Even we on Team Truth had our reservations about the former Mrs. Grammer, who has been portrayed as a villain on the show and a bitchy frenemy of castmate Kyle Richards.  

But now that Kelsey has officially tied the knot with Kayte Walsh (she's 16 years younger and his fourth wife, but who's counting), we've started to reassess how nasty this supposed villain really is.   

So with talks of season two in the works and with Camille herself saying the show "is not an accurate portrayal," will the Malibu Barbie grace us with her devilish presence on the television screen again?

"As of now, she's doing it," dishes a source close to Camille. "She wants to show people who 'Camille' really is. She truly doesn't think that was portrayed on the first season."

No official announcement has been made, and castmate Lisa Vanderpump said C coming back was fifty-fifty, but we're told right now that the be-yotch will be back.

"She is excited to show people she's her own woman and not just Kelsey Grammer's ex," adds our insider.

You know what? We are all for it!

We totally hearted the babe during the reunion show and how she's been carrying on during post-RHOBH interviews. Especially after Camille went on the record, saying it was Kelsey's idea for her to do the show, that scumbag!

And don't get us wrong, we don't think the problem was the show's "editing," as Camille has famously bitched.

Indeed, we are all for a second season with Camille making some positive changes in her ‘tude.

Seems that way, and sources close to Camille confirm that despite the fact she's been upset, she's moving on from Kelsey.

"She's dating again and getting on with her life," says our source.

We're rooting for you, C! And we don't think people, us included, gave you enough credit in the situation.

After all, you endured a divorce after 13 years of marriage in front of millions of people and witnessed the wedding of your ex in a whirlwind romance to a younger woman. 

We guess that excuses some bitchiness. 

And as for her tumultuous relationship with Kyle? That certainly won't change her mind about returning. 

Our source says, "They aren't best friends, but they are fine."

After all, Kyle has way too much to worry about with loony Kim Richards on her hands, who last we checked, would not be returning for a second season.

Who would have thought that Camille would seem like an angel compared to that hot mess?

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