Christina Aguilera, Mugshot

Dear Ted:
Is it just me, or does Christina Aguilera seem to rub people the wrong way lately? The girl is super talented, and it's just sad to see her going through a rough patch in her life at the moment. But like the phoenix that she is, I know she will rise up again and take over the charts in no time. If Britney and Mariah did it then, Xtina can do it too, but why are people extra-hard on her?

Dear Sober Comeback:
I really don't think people are too hard on her. Christina needs to get it together and be a responsible mom before she's a responsible pop star. With those killer vocals, I absolutely know she will bounce back. I just hope she does it minus the booze. It's not helping, and that in itself is the anatomy of a meltdown. It took Britney a few years to get to where she's at now, so speed it up, Xtina. We miss you. Start rehabbing it stat so we can get back to supporting your stardom.

Dear Ted:
Waiting oh so patiently for the Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder scoop you mentioned earlier this week. Will we be receiving this soon?

Dear Vying for the Vamps:
Still waiting on it, hon! But I'm sure there must be more there since the info is taking a bit to get over in my direction. Ian and Nina have been getting cuddlier than usual, but this could be all image, and show, boosting. So let's wait and be certain.

Dear Ted:
Does Strippa Rip-Ya have any past paramours in common with the lovely Ms. Veronica Bee-Stings?

Dear Blind Vice BFF-ing:
No. Those two share practically nothing in common, especially when it comes to their cup sizes.

Dear Ted:
Just wondering if the couple that was to break up after the Oscars were Bruce Boxleitner and Melissa Gilbert? They were the only two the broke up after the event. Much thanks!

Dear Keep Wondering:
Could be, but my gut tells me there is another, much more public (much more Oscar-associated) couple out there that is waiting on some promotions to pass before they can call their marriage quits.

Dear Ted:

Since I've been a loyal, longtime reader of yours and it is my birthday, I order you to answer my question (pretty please). With all these recent leaked pics of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, I am wondering who's behind this. The pics are awful and personal, and Rob and Kristen are known to keep friends around them who respect their privacy, and who I think would not do this. Also, do they and their teams know beforehand that a slew of pics are going to be released or is it a surprise to them? Do they know who is releasing the pics?

Dear Birthday Brat:
Robsten never want any pics of them released. Fact. So your questions are pretty thin. The supposed slew of pictures you are talking about from a while back are not too, too personal. The duo is cute, and we all know I wish they would flaunt it more, but that's all. Oh, and happy birthday, doll!

Dear Ted:
I think Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are super hot! Do you think they could get serious, or is this just a sexy fling?

Dear Fling or Ring?
I mean, engagement rumors would be pushing it with these two, but I do think it's way more than just some hookups here and there laced with Haitian relief conversations. There's something deep here, and I can dig it. Makes me wonder if Scarlett and Sean's mental and physical connection had anything to do with their recent divorces? Hmmm...

Dear Ted:
Any news on the Demi Lovato comeback front? She seems to be doing fairly well after her rehab/therapy stint. Has she been able to mend any old Hollywood friendships, say Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas? She seemed to have good friendships with these people and they just kinda abandoned her in her darkest hour! It's not like any of them are as squeaky clean and perfect as they would like us to believe!

Dear No More Demi Drama:
She's out, and the only person she really wants by her side for now is Wilmer Valderrama. The two have supposedly been spending a lot of time together, and he's the perfect way for her to get her mind off Jashley. Demi's girls will always be there for her. I think they are just too busy getting it on with their men to care if Demi's in for a relapse anytime soon. Wilmer's got it under control, and we're pushing for Demi. This is her year, for sure, I feel.

Dear Ted:
What's the deal with the Kate Bosworth hate? I know she's not exactly been in anything worth seeing, but why is she so bad and, in particular, bad for Alexander Skarsgård? Please enlighten.

Dear Bitter:
It isn't hate, per se. It's more of a pained disappointment that she landed everyone's favorite True Blooder and that he may even be considering putting a ring on it. Sketch. While the two are über-beautiful together, most of the world (including us) is hoping he will ditch her for a commoner, nonceleb. Anyway, if they ever broke up, that Kate-hate would turn right around into fake sympathy for the chick, trust.

Dear Ted:
Am I the only one who hopes this Taylor Swift-Chord Overstreet relationship is going to amount to no more than rebound after Jake Gyllenhaal? After the Valentine's Day shout out from Adam Young, my fingers are crossed...those two could be wonderful together. They look great side-by-side, and he is just all-around great, so she could definitely use someone like him. Would it really be so horrible if her songs were inspired by happiness instead of heartbreak? Both sell!

Dear Heartbreak to Happiness:
Feeling your positivity, doll! But this is still Taylor we are taking about. If anyone thinks that any of Swift's relationships are going to amount to anything at all they are beyond delusional. She doesn't date for love, even if she sings about it. She dates for exposure, and she's damn good at it. The Glee cast being her next target was so predictable. Adam's too desperate, and not big enough, for her. Doubt he actually stands a chance as sweet as he is.

Dear Ted:
Has Rob Pattinson been secretly with Slovenian model Ana Colja for three years while he's been dating Kristen? She's claiming they have been in the Feb issue of Nova magazine and has a pic of them together from the Oscars in 2009. She says she went as his date and is still seeing him.

Dear Lost in Translation:
Sorry, but there must have been some issue with language barrier in that magazine interview. Rob definitely isn't dating that pretty broad. She totally reminds me of a Blake Lively meets Keira Knightley, and as much as she would physically be his type, he and Kristen have something serious going on for now.

Dear Ted:
I just realized it has been two years since you first told us about Judas Jack-Off. I know you are a little bored with him at the moment, but I have a few questions I hope you can answer. First, does Judas still have the same beard that he did when we first met him? And if yes, has their "relationship" (the one they show the public for appearances) progressed very far since you first started writing about him?

Dear Just Judas:
Snooze. Same old crap with this dude! He has been professionally under the radar lately, and I miss looking at his pretty face. Maybe when he ditches the nonceleb BF he will come back and grace us with his beauty again, but sans beard, please.

Dear Ted:
I couldn't help but think of Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus as one of the daddy's secrets Blind item. Even if it is or isn't, does he have any secrets in his closet? And if so, how scandalous?

Dear Vicey Cyruses:
No. Bill Ray would probably tell his own Vice before we could get it out there. Here come the next Lohans! Watch out, Michael.

Dear Ted:
I was just rewatching The Notebook and that got me thinking of the very delicious Ryan Gosling. Has he been up to any Vice-worthy behavior lately? Could he be King Schlong?

Dear Tissue Box:
Oh, Gosling is up there, but he is not as worshipped as Schlong is. Great guess, though! He's keeping busy.

Dear Ted:
There have been rumors of Miley Cyrus and Jared Followill from the Kings of Leon "getting together." Please tell me that this isn't true! I'm pretty sure that any member of the Kings of Leon has much better taste then that!

Dear Miley Radar:
Surprise, surprise. Miley has a new crush on the hour, every hour. She did present with the band on Grammy night, but no real news on if Jared is actually into the scandalous chick. She's been linked to so many dude post-salvia situation, including John Mayer. None of them are bound to be squeaky clean since she isn't either.

Dear Ted:
What do you think of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron's newfound single paths? Do you believe there will be reconciliation in the future or the split is for good?

Dear Singles That Don't Mingle:
Vanessa is like über, I mean über, promoting her new flick Beastly, and at least seems really happy and giddy all the time. She's been hanging with BFF Brittany Snow, who was her Valentine, by the by. As for Zac, he stays looking sexy, but I bet Vanessa will land a man before Zac finds his next princess. I think they're dunzo, and rightfully so. We were all over it anyway.

Dear Ted:
Guess for Strippa Rip-Ya and Caesar Anchovy-Arse: Dianna Agron and her boyfriend Alex Pettyfer? If not, are the reports of his trying to control her and her career true?

Dear Control Freak:
I think so, but it's not them. They are too young to have the kind of history and situation Strippa has with her man. But Dianna should take note and steer clear of anyone even semi-controlling. Not worth her career, or her friggin' life.

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