Chord Overstreet, Taylor Swift

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Dear Ted:
After seeing Chord Overstreet connected to Taylor Swift, it had me wondering if you have any Vicey gossip about him? I have heard some rumors he has a pretty giant ego.

Dear Blond Ambition:
Among other things. I think that Chord wants to be famous. Way famous. I just find it a tad suspicious about all the women he's connected himself with so publicly the last few months (Mila Kunis, Naya Rivera). But hey, maybe that will be fitting with Swift? He'd better behave because our girl won't go along purely for the show. If she's dating you, she somewhat means business!

Dear Ted:
I hate to give Charlie Sheen any more attention; however, I watched the 20/20 interview with him Tuesday night. I couldn't help but feel absolutely terrible for his beautiful little boys. And there they were in the arms of those skanks who live with him. Granted, one of them seemed to genuinely care about the boys, but the other one just seemed more into f--king Charlie. Those poor little boys. Who really takes care of them? I'm sick to my stomach thinking those women or Charlie do. He's a mess. Those children didn't ask for a life with messed-up parents.

Dear Who Needs Babysitting?
You know it's bad when Mel is calling to give you advice. No, not you, Mel Gibson! While I feel guilty for laughing at the ridiculous crap this guy spews. You're very right to be concerned for his children. The nannies watch them. Brooke Mueller may have it together more, but just barely. Honestly, those kids need to get far, far away from them both. Hey, Denise Richards, do your previous offers still stand?

Dear Ted:
I must be living under a rock because I just discovered the hotness that is Joe Manganiello! What can you tell us about him? Is he as nice as he is hot? Please tell me he's never been a Blind Vice!
Lisa M

Dear Come Out and Play:
Where have you been, girl? Been obsessed with him in our blolum for ages! He's a total sweetheart, and get this: so in love and faithful to his fiancée. Bet you heart him more now, huh?

Dear Ted:
Is Dwayne Johnson King Schlong? (Every time this question is asked, he pops into my head—a coincidence, or just my overactive horny imagination? I should probably lay off the "Charlie Sheen" right?)
Hot and seriously bothered in Alabama

Dear Better Luck Next Time:
Eh, King and Dwayne wouldn't cross paths professionally. Schlong would never do something called Tooth Fairy, ever.

Dear Ted:
We haven't heard from Prius Crotch-Catch lately. Is she still as laid-back as ever, or is it all a ruse?

Dear OMG:
I totally forgot about her! She is one of my fave Vicers! Prius is still her usual cool, laid-back self and still uncommitted (for the most part). Though I must say, I'm not entirely approving of her recent taste in bed buddies.

Dear Ted:
Did Marky Sweet-Puss really know what he was getting in to when he married his wife? Also, do his peers know about his penchant for men?

Dear Suspicious:
No and yes. Sad.

Dear Ted:
What do you make of stories stating that Robert Pattinson finds his relationship with Kristen Stewart traumatic? He did use that word in the Vanity Fair article, but I can't believe that's how it was actually meant. Maybe the media attention surrounding their relationship is traumatic? But obviously if he felt that way about Kristen, he wouldn't be with her, right?
Curious in Austin, Texas

Dear Word Games:
I'm sure it has been traumatic. Think about it: Those two can't go anywhere without prying eyes all over them. They literally are animals in this zoo called Hollywood. Still, it comes with the territory, and they know it. And it certainly isn't slowing their love down!

Dear Ted:
I really enjoy Glee, so I was wondering, other than the actors who are already out, are there any other gay, closeted castmembers? They are on Glee after all and people still love Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch, so I don't think it would be that big a deal if they come out, right?

Dear Bi-Winning:
None that are in our Vice section, I can tell you that. But I will say I have my suspicions, though unconfirmed at the moment, about two.

Dear Ted:
I got to thinking about Frank Dangerfield, former BF of Jackie Bouffant, and was wondering if they'd been seen out together lately? Also, has Frank's star risen in the last few years? I wonder because I think I may have this one cracked.

Dear True Love:
Nope, that one was dunzo when Jackie's pretty face and smoking career went through the roof. Frank's star certainly has stayed the same, for what it's worth. Maybe even decreased?

Dear Ted:
Come on, James Franco wasn't that bad. It was actually Anne Hathaway who annoyed me during the Oscars. She was way too over enthusiastic. I mean, do you really have to cheer for everyone? My question is about Natalie Portman and the Best Actress Curse. She and that guy Benjamin Millepied aren't going to last long, are they? The pregnancy definitely wasn't planned. Am I right?

Dear Blame Game:
I thought the Oscars were all about terrible, but at least Anne tried, albeit a little too much. She was a tad forced and you could tell she was nervous, but I'd take that over James Franco, who seemed like he hadn't slept in days. As for Nat, let's let the gal enjoy her moment and not predict the demise of her relationship! Jeez.

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