So True? So False? Did a Jealous Justin Bieber Fan Slug Selena Gomez?!

They've already proven that they're not above the odd death threat, but did a true Belieber resort to violence with his Disney princess?

By Gina Serpe Mar 03, 2011 5:15 PMTags
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With true Beliebers, all things are possible. Even death threats.

So it may have seemed shocking, but not wholly surprising, when word spread yesterday that a particularly zealous (and jealous) Justin Bieber fan punched Selena Gomez in the face.

The evidence certainly appeared to be mounting: paparazzi shots of the birthday boy bird flipper and Gomez emerging from dinner began making the rounds, with fans quickly noticing that Selena's hand was covering her face in nearly all the shots, and in those it wasn't, something resembling a fat lip could be seen.

It wasn't long before the hashtag #sorryjustin began trending on Twitter, ostensibly by the offending hormonal fan. But could this rumor possibly be true? Did a Belieber really happy slap the Disney princess? Hold onto your restraining orders, this rumor is…

So false! Phew!

Chalk this one up to an attention- (or scandal-) seeking fan, but Gomez's rep told E! News that there is "absolutely no truth to the story."

Because if there was, you'd better believe the teen dream's lawyers would've put the full force of the Mouse House behind the offending fan.

There's still no word on Selena's suspicious face covering tactics, but since when is a teenager not allowed to have a bad skin day? #Sorryhaters.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English