New Breaking Dawn Pic! Plus, Is Production on Hold?

The weather is making it hard for Twilight gang to stay on schedule

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Mar 03, 2011 11:00 AMTags
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Finally! A high-quality shot of Robert Pattinson hard at work on the set of Breaking Dawn.

The pic was snapped while R.Pattz was busy at work in Vancouver and does it look freaking cold enough up there?

Glad Rob got a weekend to unwind with Kristen Stewart as they flaunted their love all around Los Angeles.

But not everything is going according to plan...

We're told from sources up north the weather has been making it "hell" on the cast and crew as they try to stick to their rigorous filming schedule.

Now you know why it's so hard for Rob, Kristen or any other member of the all-star cast to commit to appearances or projects right now outside of Twilight.

Scheduling has been altered to accommodate the weather, so the cast has pretty much been hanging tight in Vancouver, having to be flexible with their schedules.

Glad Rob and Kristen have each other to stay entertained, since they're staying together up there after all.

Oh, and speaking of schedules, we're still stumped as to why an official casting announcement about Snow White hasn't been made.

Last we checked Kristen was in. What could be the holdup?