Bitch Stole His Look: David Beckham vs. Adam Levine

It's the soccer stud versus the Maroon 5 singer as both men step out in identical Southwestern sweaters

By Fashion Police Staff Mar 02, 2011 9:20 PMTags
David Beckham, Adam LevineDome, Monterotti/; WENN

This Hollywood hipster moment is brought to you courtesy of the good old Southwest.

David Beckham and Adam Levine both stepped out in identical Navajo-style sweaters last month. Both men paired the colorful Ralph Lauren RRL item with jeans, a white T-shirt and requisite celebrity stubble but added their own finishing touches.

Becks, who was out shopping with Brooklyn at the time, wore his look with a black skull cap. Adam accessorized on his outing with dark shades and a wallet chain.

So who steals the style spotlight, the soccer stud or the Maroon 5 singer? Weigh in below!

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