John Galliano, Kate Moss

Eric Ryan/Getty Images

Got a drug problem? Please, who doesn't. Have a penchant for hurling cell phones at the help? Hey, what you do in your own time…But pull a Mel Gibson and utter heinous anti-Semitic remarks on multiple occasions (and, in a final damning move, on camera)? Well, even the fashion world has its standards.

Freshly fired Christian Dior head designer John Galliano is learning that his overt displays of alcohol-fueled racism may be indefensible to the majority of the world, but a few of his sartorial besties are sticking by the fashionisto. Celeb pals Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, who know from unsavory behavior, are said to be urging their designing pal to enter into a rehab program.

Because it's the drinking that's the problem, right? Not the underlying racism? Still, when Moss and Campbell say you've got issues, you'd be wise to listen. And Galliano, reportedly, is doing just that.

But not before he mans up and offers an apology, which he did, finally, this morning. In a statement issued through his lawyer, the 50-year-old said today that he "unreservedly" apologized for his behavior, and acknowledged "that the accusations made against me have greatly shocked and upset people."

As for Moss and Campbell, according to the New York Times, the two supermodels were among the group of close friends and colleagues who approached Hitler's most stylish fan this week and convinced him to leave France (where he remains the subject of two criminal investigations for his café outbursts), and head to a rehabilitation center.

The exact location hasn't been identified, though sources told the Old Grey Lady that his most likely destination is The Meadows, an Arizona facility that's no stranger to star power, having treated Elton John and Donatella Versace in the past.

But its most famous rehabber may be Moss herself, who, like Galliano now, fled to $4,000-a-night Meadows Clinic back in 2005, in the wake of her cocaine scandal.

Incidentally, Moss is apparently proving to be quite an influential example for Galliano, as he has also reportedly retained the services of London power lawyer Gerrard Tyrrell, ostensibly to fight his dismissal from Dior. Tyrrell, for those keeping track, is the same legal eagle Moss hired back in 2005 when her contracts began dropping faster than the racial slurs that came from Galliano's mouth.

In any case, it sounds like Galliano is already laying the groundwork for a comeback. To which both we and, we suspect, Natalie Portman say: yeah. Good luck with that.

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