David Beckham

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Who doesn't want a piece of David Beckham?

But while the definition of "piece" may vary, depending on who you ask, the publisher of In Touch Weekly has a very definite piece in mind...

Bauer Publishing Co. succeeded a few weeks ago in getting Beckham's libel lawsuit thrown out when a judge ruled that the soccer stud hadn't proved In Touch acted with actual malice when it ran a story quoting a call girl who claimed she had multiple $10,000-per-meeting encounters with Beckham in 2007.

The Brit adamantly denied the story, but U.S. libel statues are tough—it's very hard for celebrities to prove that a tabloid knowingly and recklessly published false information or that a salacious story isn't a matter of "public interest."

Beckham's attorney vowed to appeal.

But in the meantime, Bauer would like Beckham to reimburse the company for $280,000 in legal fees, thankyouverymuch.

Highlighting the toughness celebs face on these shores, a Hamburg, Germany, court ruled in Beckham's favor in the same case and they're awaiting damages, his rep said.

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