Sean Penn, Scarlett Johansson

Now, we thought Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn were sneaking around as a sultry pair. But then her rep shut us down last month, saying they were just friends who have been discussing important Haitian relief issues.

And we believed him.

That is, until this super sexually tense picture came out, with the two on a lunch date at L.A. Cuban restaurant Versailles on Monday!

I mean, isn't his how everyone discusses Haitian relief ideas and politics?

By caressing your friend's crotch with a flirty foot!

We're so sure that Hillary Clinton plays footsy and stares dazedly into the eyes of her friends and allies when she discusses the latest human rights abuses and violence against the Libyan people by Moammar Gadhafi.


And, ScarJo thought she could throw us all off by taking that man-candy stud of a date to the Oscars.

No surprise that it turned out her hot date was just that in her book—some dude she could rub in Sandra Bullock's pretty face after rumors that she was seeing Ryan Reynolds post-divorce.

Worse, Scar's date was her manager, Joe Machota.

We would hold out for Penn too, hon! Imagine the steamy political conversations you two get into behind closed doors.

Her rep had no comment, as yet, but be sure we do. Give Penn a little more of a naughty nudge next time. No doubt he's way excited to see you!

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